Exclusive CRM for Abroad Education Consultants

Manage your students applications in Simple 3 Steps.
1. Add Student, 2. Shortlist Universities, 3. Update Status.

Dynamic Status System

Customize the Business Flow

You can create your own business flow. You can add unlimited statuses based on the country. One CRM for all countries. If you are processing for USA application, your team will get USA related statuses while updating the student status. You can create statuses like ex: 1. Application Started Filing, 2. Application Sent to University, 3. Conditional Admit, 4. Offer Received, and so on.

Give permissions based on employee role
Process multiple countries for one student
Request payments based on Country Applied
Free registration for UK kind of countries
Collect Registration Fee for USA kind of countries
Get Your Own Course Finder

Customize Course Finder

  • Bulk import universities data. Give your team the privilege of finding courses independently. Forget about sharing university requirements through excel. Just update the requirements in CRM and reuse them limitless.

  • You can bulk import courses in the universities.

  • You can update deadlines of courses, requirements, CRM gives you the reminder of all deadlines before 15 days.

Student's Profile Summary

Evaluate Student Profile

Get student backlog histroy
Highlights of Test Scores
Find out Education Gap
Find out experience gap and history
Check Visa Refusals
Get student profile score
Leads and Operations Management

Manage leads & applications parallelly

Assign Raw Leads to your tele-callers & Counsellors
Counsellors can add student, shorlist & finalize universities
Counsellors can assign students to applications team
Your other branch team can assign students to Head-Office team
Other branch counsellors can track and update student notes
Agents can assign applications to Head-Office Team
Agent Dashboard

Create a Big Agent Network

Say Tata Bye Bye to digging emails and attending multiple calls. Your team can reply them through the CRM. No need of manual process.

Allow them to send student applications directly through the CRM. Your agents can see - the pending documents list. CRM will send regular email alerts of student status and pending documents. Find out if two agents are sending same student application.

Now you have a capacity to assign Associate Managers to onboard new agents to your business.

Documents Checklist

Create Dynamic Documents Checklist

CRM will send regular email alerts of pending mandatory documents list to Students and Agents. You will have full capacity to create documents checklist based on the country.

You can set document as mandatory or optional, File type (PDF/Image/Both).

You can set document file size.

Create Your Own Lead Buckets

Dynamic Sales Funnel

This solutions helps you to segregate the leads based on source type. You can create your own sales buckets and move students to that buckets.

You can create Cold Leads Bucket
You can create not interested students bucket
You can create follow-ups bucket
You can create defer students bucket and so on.
Filter students based on dynamic status

Amazing Filter That Gives You More Power

Filter which employee is filing applications faster. Filter students applications based on status ex: Offer Received students, Defer Students, Application pending students and many more.

Filter the leads, not interested students, Registered students. Filter students based on the source (ex: facebook, insta, justdial, etc.). Boost your potentail by analyzing the data.

Let the numbers talk more than the stories.

One account, multiple roles

Role Switch & Account Switch

You can assign create one employee account and assign multiple roles.

You can login to the other accounts using without logout of current account using Account Switch.

Rich & Effective Features

We have understood your business. We made the flow based on hirarchy of your business. Marketing to Students, Leads to Telecallers, Counsellors to Applications Team, Visa to Post Visa. Branches, Associates, and Partners are bonus.

Marketing Automation

Bulk WhatsApp Messages, SMS, E-Mails. Excel import raw leads and auto assign to Tele-Callers.

Student Sign-up/Login

You can allow students to sign-up & login using SMS OTP. Students can submit details, docs, and track application.

Create Unlimited Branches

Manage your branches more efficiently and let them create their staff accounts to boost the application flow.

Unlimited Agents/Associates

Your Agents/Associates can submit the applications. Receive the alerts when these applications are unanswered.

Course Finder

Create your own course finder. Add universities & courses for your team -it'll be an easy guide for them.

Unlimited Tele-Callers

Assign raw leads automatically to tele-callers. They can update notes for every call. Send mail alerts for unanswered calls.

Unlimited Counsellors

Single pipeline of student account, enquires, application tracking, payment requests, document requests, helps your counsellors to assist students effectively.

Applications Team

Easily update the status of the students application. Review the documents, request the documents. Filter students - country wise, status wise, etc.

Visa Operations Team

Update and retrive the students visa time slots, status, etc. Update mock interviews. Take the reviews & feedback.

Totally Optimized

Quick Notes with Attachments

Update the notes after every interaction with the student/team. Attach files in the notes for reference.

Also, reply to the students enquires, team enquires on the students profile can be done at one place and in a single pipeline.

Extremely Flexible

Hirarchy of the CRM

Head Office

Centralize Applications Team in the Head-Office. So that you will receive all branches applications at one place.


You can add all your branches and make your Head-Office as a main branch to centralize the business flow. Your branches will have Tele-Caller & Counsellor accounts.


Get rid of pending documents problem from Agents. Your agent can send all applications and documents of the students. Also, CRM will alert them for pending documents regularly.


You can set-up Virtual Managers for all your departments across the globe using our CRM. Example: You can have a Manager for Tele-Callers, Counsellor, etc.


Assign Raw-Leads to your Tele-Callers. Track the leads based on sources(instagram, facebook). Cross-check the notes for every call. Tele-Callers will not have access to the data after assigning it to counsellors.


Counsellor account have access to add students, Shortlist Universities, Register the students. They can assign the applications to Applications Team. Also, they have Tele-Callers capabilities.

Applications Team

Centralize the applications team. All you branches can send applications to this team. Applications team can quickly update the student status. All they have to do is - login to CRM, search the student, update the status.

Visa Operations

You can set-up a separate Team to update Visa Status and post visa services. This way you can track the status by ex: DS-160 filed, Bio-Metrics, Visa Status, Tution Fee paid or not, so on.


This tool helps you to send bulk emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. You can shoot emails to the specific students in the CRM data/Raw data. Ex: You can run campaigns to Offer Received students, Not Interested Students, Students who are not registered with us, so on. And you can dedicate a person to do this job using this account.


This account is for accounts team. We'll show all payment related information in this account. Accounts person can track the pending payments, capture offline payments, and request new payments. You can give this account to your CA also.

Documents Verification

This account helps you to verify the documents. This team can Verfiy, Approve, Reject, and Request the Documents to the students. You can assign someone and give this account to them only for document verification purpose.

Associate Managers

This account helps you to assign a dedicated team to Manage all your agents network. They would be responsible to bring new agents and managing the existing agents.

Front Desk

Front-Desk people can add offline enquires in the CRM, assign those students to counsellors. After they assign student to counsellors they will not have the student access.

Data Entry

We have developed this role exclusively to update Universities and its programs information. They will access to only Universities data. This would help you to keep update your counsellors with all updated universities requirements.

All Tools in One Place

It's a one-stop solutions for your business. Manage your business smoothly. Let the Recordrr talk to your Employees, Agents, and Clients.

Raw Leads Management
Applications Processing
Employee Management
Agent Management
Partners Management

Easy Integration

Integrate Recordrr on your website and drive more leads

  • Let your clients sign-up on your website. Automate the sales and operations. Offer great after-sale service.

  • Offer your agents more options to send more applications in simple 3 steps.

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